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  1. Horsegirl158

    THIS IS THE BEST SERVER I”VE EVER BEEN ON!!! On the first day I made lots new friends and soon a whole colony of friends. Great Job Ironic!! Love it. This is my TOP NUMBER ONE SERVER EVER

    1. SpaceVoid

      I agree!

  2. Flower_Girl_04

    Now that there is a sky block server we can do challanges, interact with others and share islands. Man what could be better then this!

  3. Ironic_8b49

    Foods needed for Culinary Artist

    golden carrot
    golden apple
    cooked porkchop
    cooked chicked
    mushroom stew
    cooked fish
    baked potato
    pumpkin pie

  4. SpaceVoid

    Hanged strong by nothing but helium.

    But new project clues

    Coords to see it early:
    Coming soon!

    1. SpaceVoid

      Coordinates for early access is here!
      If you don’t want to wait, come to

      X: -23553 Y: Unknown Z: -22829

      Clue one:
      Hanged strong by nothing but helium
      Clue Two: Coming soon!

  5. SpaceVoid

    Ive been trying to log on today. But whenever I try to log on, I get this message:
    “Error occured while contacting login servers, are they down?”

    Do you know whats going on here?

  6. SpaceVoid

    This is my appeal. I got banned from the server with a reason of “Hacking”
    It all started with getting kickeda message of “Spider is now allowed” while I was just running along on the terrain, with my elytra on. Then I logged back on doing what I was just doing, than my elytra glitched and I started suffocatiing underground, so I took out my shovel to dig myself out, than I got kicked again with the message “Fast Break is not Allowed” Than I logged back on and a minute later got kicked with the spider message. I tried logging back after that but got the message, “You have been banned from this server, the ban hammer has spoken” with a ban duration of a month. And I wasn’t hacking, and will never hack.

  7. newbletz

    I will be going on a snowmobiling trip for a few days, not sure if I will have service or not. May try to vote/login if I have the chance but I’ll be back Monday/Tuesday. tell Ethan not to break too much..


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